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Mc Intee lives in the Butler Creek Mobile Home Community, but he’s trying to change that.He recently put his home up for sale because he says the crime in his neighborhood is too much to deal with.Things have gotten so bad in Chicago that a 14-year-old girl was sexually assaulted as she was walking to a bus stop this week and it barely made a blip on the news.But we have come to expect this kind of thing in crime-infested cities such as Chicago.The rise in crime that we are witnessing right now is just the beginning. Whenever I do this type of an article, inevitably someone leaves a comment insisting that I am lying because crime rates are going down. The violent crime rate went up 15 percent last year, and the property crime rate rose 12 percent, the government said Thursday, signs that the nation may be seeing the last of the substantial declines in crime of the past two decades.Last year marked the second year in a row for increases in the crime victimization survey, a report that is based on household interviews.But this is what is happening all over the nation now.

One very enterprising carjacker actually decided to try to carjack the police chief of Detroit while he was sitting in a clearly marked police vehicle…

This is one of the primary reasons why so many people are moving out of the big cities right now.

In the city of Chicago, police are so overwhelmed with crime that they will no longer respond in person “to 911 calls reporting vehicle theft, garage burglary or simple assault“.

We don’t expect it to happen in “quiet communities” such as Augusta, Georgia…

“When we first moved out here three and a half years ago, my wife and I, it was a quiet community, it was a deal that we felt we couldn’t pass up on,” Don Mc Intee says.

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