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The previous areas identified on September 2, 2005 including right anterior abdominal wall, right forearm, and right shoulder are no longer appreciated…

There is no evidence of residual/recurrent disease at this time.

Millie was diagnosed in August 1987, had a lumpectomy and found to be in Stage 2, 1 out of 6 lymph nodes involved. Millie went to a California Clinic where they stressed diet and vitamins and supplements.

After nearly a year she went to another doctor who told her “When it comes to cancer, Burton is King!

Now, 32 years later, she continues to be cancer free , thanks to the Immuno Augmentative Therapy. Mary came to the Clinic, following extensive chemotherapy and radiation which had failed to produce any remission.

She was very ill and had only 6 weeks to live (according to her doctors).

Her prognosis was “terminal” by a well known head & neck surgeon in NYC.Bukan apa, jeles melihat cinta gadis Melayu secantik Anzalna menjadi milik orang luar.Dari gambar nampak macam Anzalna ambil gambar ini di luar negara. Kemungkinan besar berjumpa dengan ibu dan ayah si lelaki.Jelesnya melihat gadis Melayu menjadi awek kepada Mat Salleh.Tapi tak adalah sejeles melihat gadis Melayu menjadi kekasih kepada orang putih berkulit hitam. Dan kami tambah jeles melihat gambar Anzalna dengan bekas kekasihnya yang merupakan mat salleh.

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