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Shortly after, Sieve and Roldan did their final performance together, for which she chose their Travis Wall contemporary routine from the very first week.After a standing ovation, Mary Murphy told her, “I’m so happy you picked that number, because if you didn’t pick it, I was going to pick it for the grand finale.” She went on to gush some more with tears in her eyes.And Chehon [Wespi-Tschopp]just did a movie with Witney [Carson],and of course Kherington [Payne] was the star of “Fame” — so all the kids are doing really well they all seem to come back to see the show, or come to the auditions where they auditioned.You’re like the mama bear of the group, holding everyone together.Lythgoe said, “It was almost for sure better this time around…The best I’ve seen you both dance.” And Hudgens, noting that Sieve said she skipped college because she just felt she had to dance, stated, “I think this is a lesson to all the ladies out there watching that a women’s intuition knows best, because you were meant to be here.” Sieve followed that with her last solo turn.Taylor Sieve competed in the performance finale of “So You Think You Can Dance” on Monday. As Gossip Cop has reported, Sieve is a 19-year-old contemporary dancer from Minnesota.

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Over the last few weeks, Sieve has had a journey filled with a lot more highs than lows.Following the Top 4 number, Sieve teamed up with Nyemchek for a cha-cha, and he wanted to pull a “hidden sexy side” out of her.Mary Murphy said Sieve made it “work” and was a “hot tamale,” while Lythgoe even said that a spectator wouldn’t know that wasn’t her style.She was given a coveted ticket to the Dance Academy in L.A., where she particularly impressed All-Star Robert Roldan.

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