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It's also the first veiled critique of the West's foreign policy to cost almost as much as the US defence budget.(Plus you get Leona Lewis singing over the end credits. The possibility remains that she caught her foot in the car door and the composer James Horner merely set her distress to music.) The film takes place on the planet Pandora, which is populated by the Na'vi, a peaceful race of 9 ft tall, powder-blue humanoids with amber eyes and swishing tails.House of Wax, the first 3-D feature with stereophonic sound.Other releases include Dial M for Murder and It Came from Outer Space.

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It is the first full-length 3-D IMAX feature filmed with the Reality Camera System, which uses the latest HDTV video cameras, rather than film.

The film, which is shot in 2-D, uses 3-D to enhance the scenes in which the main character puts on a cursed tribal mask. The company releases The Stewardesses, a soft-core sex comedy, which costs 0,000 to produce, but earns million in North America alone in fewer than 800 theatres, becoming the most profitable 3-Dimensional film to date.

1986 IMAX begins offering non-fiction films in 3-D, starting with the 20-minute National Film Board of Canada production Transitions.

Ahead of a hostile mining expedition, a paraplegic ex-Marine named Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) infiltrates the Na'vi by means of an avatar.

So while Jake is lying in a laboratory, he's piloting his Na'vi self around the forests of Pandora, through battles with gaudy beasts that resemble a line of Gaultier-designed dinosaurs, and into a romance with the chief's daughter.

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