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Here's my rundown from that day: Jamie Foxx Visits. am After the break they played a Caitlyn Jenner Live in Concert parody. He said that's when he came up with that ''She takes my money...'' and all of that. Howard asked if having a hit song like that or the Oscar is better. Howard asked Liam if his brother died would he go to his funeral. Howard thanked the guys for coming in and went to break after that. am Next up on today's vacation replay special they played the Jamie Foxx interview from May. Jamie said he has to try it around the right black people. He said he went in the booth and told him to just come up with some shit. He said they're just going through a dodgy batch at the moment. Liam said ''songs'' and reminded him that they did two. Howard said he would write all of the songs and tell him to go sit on the side of the stage.

But what about the real heroes, those who work very hard behind the scene in order to make the movie a big hit. One can only wonder, how can a guy who merely writes some jokes behind the scenes become so famous that his fame overshadows the fame of the main character of the show.

Hilton began by kissing Bronk’s neck, fondling his chest, and then, with the help of some lube and a rubber glove, he went in for the main event.

Bronk screamed for most of the three minutes he was required to have another man’s finger inside his rectum but much of the screaming appeared to be shtick.

Howard said he'll do some pictures with her after the interview. Jamie said he was doing okay himself but he wasn't like Puffy. He said he invited like 200 of the most beautiful people. He said he can eat whatever he has in the kitchen too. He said he was woken up at 3 in the morning and told to get down to the studio.

Jamie said she was moved when she found out she could go with him. He said they've been trying to get this done for 2 and a half years. Howard said Ed Sheeran told him about staying at his house for a while. He said that he has security at his house so it's fine. He said he threw parties and he threw one for Puff. He said he couldn't get into his parties so he'd show up with a camera trying to get in to document the party. He said that he told her that he was going to be something. Jamie said he had a key and the code and all of that.

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