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Rossalyn: When I lived in Brooklyn, the dating did feel like a market, but in a different way to the U.

K: It felt more cutthroat and like "nope, not feeling this, next!

You're better off assuming that the person you're doing that with is doing that with a few people, unless you've expressly made it clear you're not. I don't get it and it feels almost insulting in a way. In the countryside/suburbs, people are less hassled by dating more than one person at a time.

I think that's why it's a safer bet to always date a few people at a time in the early stages. Like..spend time and open up and all that if the other side is doing the same with several others. Julia: I feel like I barely have time for ONE guy, let alone a couple. Tasneem: I think the concept of dating, the way it's defined in the U. Marie: I was actually very surprised to learn that people have started using Tinder in France, too. Conz: I feel that the gamification of it compared to other dating apps is what it made it a thing.

Here they are: Marie Telling: I'm an associate editor for Buzz Feed France, based in New York.

I'm French and I grew up in Bordeaux, in the southwest of the country. Julia: I feel like, in NYC specifically, you ALWAYS have to have the talk. K., I think that it's fine to date several people at once, provided it's still at the early stages and you're not taking the piss.

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Rossalyn: If we're being honest, says it's a dating site, but it's for people who are looking for serious relationships/marriage, they just don't explicitly say it. Julia: Yeah, guys are supposed to make the first move. Conz: I've openly asked dudes out and they are fine with it... It's OK if I walk up to a dude and start talking, but usually they'll be straight up talking you up immediately. Rossalyn: OMG you had to have a policy to not tell students to fuck in a bathroom?!?! Usually it's hands off or the meter rule or the balloon rule, like you couldn't get so close you'd pop a ballon in between you.(I feel old.) Marie: I was actually wondering about dating apps. Julie: Tinder and Ok Cupid here (in New York), as we all know. Do people use it for fun, for dating, or just hooking up?Rossalyn: It's mostly used by your friends who are in relationships to swipe through for fun.Marie: Yes, I think that may be true for France too, Jenna. Julia: It's like none of us have time to get our hearts broken so we have backups, which makes me sad.Julie: In NYC, you can't presume that you're a thing. Rossalyn: I think that is the same in a lot of major cities actually: bigger cities, more people, more dating, more options.

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