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On April 6, a Victoria police detective went into an online chatroom, posing as a 26-year-old single mother named Lizzie, who had a five-year-old daughter called Sassy.In the chatroom, Lizzie expressed an interest in incest and “family fun.” She was soon approached by Bandura, who was using the name Daddy14.Rogers said she accepted Bandura’s remorse and his willingness to engage in counselling to ensure he does not offend again in future, although Rogers said she had little information to judge his risk of offending in the future.

EPS' Cyber Bullying Prevention Video School life is being transformed by mobile phones, the Internet, and social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).Kids as young as six years old are learning and playing online, teenagers are speaking a new language through texting, and students now have an entire World Wide Web to draw from when doing homework.While the majority of these interactions are positive, there is a dark side.“There is no doubt this is a very, very grave offence,” Victoria provincial court Judge Carmen Rogers said.“Planning a sexual offence against a five-year-old can only be described as abhorrent.” In fact, there was no child victim.

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