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Sometimes you just get so angry that you need to flip a table over, throw a keyboard, or even throw some other people. If you have completely lost your mind to rage and need to let out a little steam, these emotes are here for you.Check out the last couple of emotes and see that you can go completely crazy and throw not one but two people! I don’t think you can express your anger any more clearly than this.These emotes will let people know that you are definitely displeased and disapprove something, but you are still doing a good job at keeping your cool.Usually an emote will be shaking it’s arm in the direction it is looking.These Japanese emoticons are angry enough to have raised one arm and they are shaking it around.Mind you, they are not quite angry enough to raise both of their arms.

Try adding in another emoticon to show what they are glaring at.

Here are a bunch of dongers that are angry and facing forward.

There is absolutely no avoiding their angry stare and it is clear who it is meant for: you!

Place one of these emojis beside an emoticon that is angry to the right and see how much it looks like they are in an argument!

You can even add an object like a sword or some words to convey a more elaborate scene.

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