Eriksons dangers of online dating

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Some researchers suggest that early adult transition, or emerging adulthood, may be a critical time for drug abuse prevention efforts [12–14], as one explores different options for an enduring adult lifestyle.

Many of these risk factors may be initiated during the first five years of life [4].Lifespan development refers to the neurobiological (e.g., maturation, aging), cognitive (e.g., motivation, reasoning), microsocial (e.g., family, peer group), and macrosocial-level (e.g., socio-cultural, mass media) events, and their inter-relationships, that occur across one’s life.The vicissitudes in which one interacts with the world, impacting on the world and being impacted by it, is a function of one’s developmental age or stage [1, 2].When entering into adulthood, some persons may decide to terminate tobacco or other drug use, whereas others may decide that tobacco or other drug use is an important aspect of their identity, leading to continued experimental or regular use [13].Several researchers have recognized the importance of human development when creating tobacco or other drug use prevention programming.

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