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we stop our lives to make these pictures.' Ms Melotti also makes no money off her Instagram page and hopes that those who do make money off their pages, make sure they are not using their pictures to make people feel bad about their own lives.

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' She wrote on this picture Now, pictures come up based on how 'likely' you are to like a post and your relationship with the person posting.'People weren't seeing our posts anymore, numbers were dropping fast and some of us, panicking, started coming up with "creative" solutions to trick this evil algorithm and keep our work seen by our followers,' she said. The first trick Instagrammers are using to 'play the game' is buying likes and comments in addition to more followers.I've been playing the game for the past six months, and it made me miserable, miserable guys,' she said.'I think it's time to stop the bulls**t and come clean and tell you exactly what's happening.When most people log in to Instagram, they are flooded with enviable bikini snaps, idyllic travel photography and stunning lifestyle posts.And while most users are aware that the photos are not always an accurate reflection of real life, few know just how far some of their favourite accounts are going in order to find 'Insta-fame' and make money.

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