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Adhinarayanan, Maheswarapu Sydulu "Particle Swarm Optimisation for Economic Dispatch with Cubic Fuel Cost Function", TENCON 2006, IEEE region conference.

Acyl Co A Synthetase is an enzyme that participates in fatty acid biosynthesis.

Dongwoon Choi, Woonghee Shon and Ho-Gil Lee "Design of 5 D.

F Robot Hand with an artificial skin For An Android Robot" Department of Applied Robot Technology, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Republic of Korea.

However, no computer can process the near infinite number of atoms in objects, so instead we model 'finite' groups of them.

In the real world, everything that occurs results from the interaction between atoms (and sub-particles of those atoms).

Diversity-based model reference for genetic algorithms in dynamic environment.

Therefore identification of the novel drug target and potent drug can be helpful in better prevention of the disease.

Gabriel Gómez , Alejandro Hernandez and Peter Eggenberger Hotz "An adaptive neural controller for a tendon Driven Robotic Hand" Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Department of Informatics, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Biologically inspired evolutionary agent systems in dynamic environments.

This paper presents a review of PSO application in Economic Load Dispatch problems.

Finite element analysis is a method to computationally model reality in a mathematical form to better understand a highly complex problem.

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