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Princeton expressed a strong interest in fashion while in the group.

When entertaining the idea of not being a member of Mindless Behavior, he spoke about either being a backup dancer for another artist, or a fashion designer, stating “Anything creative and entertaining, I’ll be there.” He exclaimed his style as more androgynous, with a mixture of punk meeting urban.

Also in 2011, they performed at the prestigious White House Easter Egg Roll. Since joining Mindless Behavior, Princeton, along with former bandmates Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Prodigy, have released two albums, performed on tour, and sold over 327,000 album copies in the United States.

Crear was immediately interested in signing the group.He would post on his blog, Outsiders Ink, photos or videos of himself in ways that his fans had not seen before.He told the interviewer how he was beginning to influence Mindless Behavior’s music more often when in the studio with their producer, Walter Millsap.Born and raised in Downey, California, near Los Angeles, Perez began his career at a young age when he appeared in television advertisements for companies such as Nike, Mc Donald's, and Sketchers.He was included in two Gym Class Heroes music videos, including Shoot Down the Stars (as a young school child), and Cupid's Chokehold (as Cupid Boy).

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