Mame os x updating game list

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Recently the Neo Geo BIOS was updated to add a new version of the Universal BIOS.This was done between 0.171 and 0.172, and results in an error trying to load Neo Geo games with an un-updated set.How can we make this work so that we don't have to keep bringing up the task manager, killing the frontend, and running MAME directly?In a pinch, it'll probably do, but there doesn't seem to be a way to get a full list of available games from MAME itself, so having them show up in the cabinet's frontend emulator would be best. If so, after adding new roms to the MAME ROMs folder like you said, you should just need to open Maximus Arcade, right-click anywhere on the screen and choose "Refresh Game List"[email protected] That doesn't seem to work.

" folder found on your desktop (do not extract the files).The front-end seems to intercept all input and does precisely nothing with anything that's not scrolling through the games list or selecting a game.Is there a config utility or something that I'm missing?Unfortunately, builds that come from third parties may come as just a main MAME executable or with outdated external files, which can break the coupling between these external files and MAME core code.Despite repeated attempts at contacting some of these third parties to warn them, they persist in distributing broken MAME updates.

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