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Then Tesco moved to Washington DC, leaving the label in Corey's hands.

The Arranged Marriage is not to be confused with: a Childhood Marriage Promise (whereby a prepubescent couple voluntarily pledges their own non-legally-binding, future troth); a marriage which may arise out of convenience; or a marriage that arises from some kind of cultural mistake.The 7"s by the Necros and the Fix (a Michigan punk band) were recorded in late 1980 and released in early 1981, and Touch and Go Records was officially born.Corey Rusk was a member of the Necros, and for the first couple years of Touch and Go Records' life he ran the business part of it from his bedroom in his grandmother's house in Ohio, and Tesco Vee ran the promotional part of it from his apartment in Michigan.Releases during this time period included albums from Die Kreuzen, Big Black, Butthole Surfers, Killdozer and many others.At the same time Touch and Go was expanding, Corey and Lisa also started an all ages club in Detroit called the Graystone.

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