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While people can post back and forth publicly on the photos, unless you pay real money to send the user a "gift" (cartoon flowers or chocolates), you cannot privately message them.This has led to a lot of people posting their But the interactions I saw were mostly positive.I didn't really respond to any, but for the most part it reminded me of the times I have used other dating apps in the past: some were polite, some were crude, some quoted Adele, the usual:.They have filters that crawl for keywords or phrases that usually indicate someone there just for a fetish fling.there are over 25,000 users with 2,000 new signups every day.Sixty-one percent of users are male, 39 percent are women, and while the app is targeted toward women, Li points to this as proof that there are men who like "all different body types." While impressive, considering the app launched in October 2015, the user base still isn't huge.

Natalie Craig, 25, from Chicago, is a plus-size fashion blogger who started using dating apps in her 20s.

But, Li says, the best option is for users to report inappropriate behavior or fetishization: "This is not the goal of this app, this is not what we're trying to do." And not all people with the fetish can or will be banned; there are plenty of thin people who admire bigger folks on Woo Plus.

For instance, this person's profile uses terminology and size preference usually associated with fat fetishes: No one is judging people with a fat preference; however, the point of this app is for people to find a relationship, not to be fetishized.

But while she initially turned to the apps in the hopes of connecting with someone, she explained to Refinery29 that she was very quickly targeted by men who readily sent her cruel comments about her weight - particularly when she turned down their lewd proposals.'When I was first on the apps, I experienced people fat-shaming me,' she says.

'I'd get messages from men that would say things like, "Do you want to meet up to have sex?

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    What is Included in Each Membership Level Dating is a Numbers Game As I mention in my online dating e-book, just like the real world, there will be men or women who you will not click with or who don’t respond to your messages (or just disappear).