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At 5-8 weeks a bradycardia (less than 90 bpm) is associated with a high risk of miscarriage.Many women do not ovulate at around day 14, so findings after a single scan should always be interpreted with caution.The diagnosis of missed abortion is usually made by serial ultrasound scans demonstrating lack of gestational development.For example, if ultrasound scan demonstrates a 7mm embryo but cannot demonstrable a clearcut heartbeat, a missed abortion may be diagnosed.Dating with the CRL can be within 3-4 days of the last menstrual period.

(Chart and further comments) Similar to the BPD, dating using the FL should be done as early as is feasible.In such cases, it is reasonable to repeat the ultrasound scan in 7-10 days to avoid any error.The timing of a positive pregnancy test may also be helpful in this regard to assess the possible dates of conception.Obstetric Ultrasound is the use of ultrasound scans in pregnancy.Since its introduction in the late 1950s ultrasonography has become a very useful diagnostic tool in Obstetrics.

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