Radiocarbon dating service

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If using bulk sediment, be sure to remove rootlets.

For bulk samples, some consultation may be needed to determine whether a simple acid wash, AAA method, or compound specific analysis is needed.

Bulk peat samples often contain a silty component and a vegetable component. Please remove visible rootlets prior to shipping and do not ship in aluminum foil as it may degrade. Samples will undergo AAA treatment, unless specified otherwise.

Researchers sometimes request to date the humic acid (alkali-soluble) and humin (alkali insoluble) fractions of bulk sediment or peat.

The general theory is that humic acids percolate downward and make radiocarbon dates appear younger.

However, this is not always the case so it is important to test this method first before pursuing numerous analyses.

The pricing schedule (Canadian Non-profit or Commercial) is assigned based on the billing address listed on the cover sheet of the submission form and the pricing posted on our website at the time of submission.

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Having said that, bulk sediment is widely used for radiocarbon dating, especially in cases when macrofossils are unavailable.Therefore the most appropriate date will often be from either the outer tree rings or small twigs.Try to ship only dry wood and please remove the bark.Avoid porous (cancellous tissue) or soft bones as these are aslo likely to be low in collagen.For δ13C and δ15N, we submit the extracted collagen to our partner lab, the .

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