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Transporting and unloading concrete pipe requires the right equipment and driver. Our pipe master trailers are equipped with unloaders and our drivers are experienced in operating them for self-unloading at the job site.Every year our TRAIN & SECRET BUSH PARTY sells-out because it is a journey unlike any other!

"Amongst the Vedas, I am Sam Veda" he says (Chapter 10, verse 22). But when you see which Vedic School he belonged to, it becomes clear why.In verse 25 of Chapter 10, after announcing himself as akin to Sam Veda, Krishna likens himself to Maharishi Bhrigu, and not Maharishi Angiras.इन्द्रियानार्थान्विमूढात्मा मिथ्याचार: Was this deliberate?Well, if this wasn’t enough, read this – for a student of an ascetic (who went on to do harsh penances & meditation after giving up active life), to say that to forcibly give up action and start meditating or perform penance is idiocy and the work of a hypocrite (mithyachaari), is pretty harsh for a Guru’s chosen path!!In fact, while Maharishi Angiras went on to be the high level preacher of non-violence; Krishna, on the other hand, became famous for having given the call for battle to Arjun.Another thing that is striking about Krishna’s treatise on the Vedic knowledge in Gita is that he repeatedly extols the importance of "understanding the core" of the Vedas as opposed to the knowledge of the Vedas.

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    The pantheon constitute the unifying factors, but in these also Mesopotamia shows its predilection for multiplicity and variety.