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As well as 14 novels, five short story collections and three plays, he has written 17 screenplays.‘I probably know more actors than novelists,’ he says.Near the fireplace is a hefty tome with Bowie’s face on the front.The pair first met in 1995, as ‘the new boys’ on the editorial board of art magazine Modern Painters.He had something like seven heart attacks, which he kept very quiet about.He was a massively heavy smoker when I knew him, constant chain-smoking, but he looked remarkably fit and well.” There was a sense that he was looking always for the thing that would fulfil him absolutely.’Their friendship had strict parameters. Once, when he was living in Switzerland, I had to write to a pseudonym, a Mr Mueller. But when you hung out with him, he was delightful and charming.’Did he know Bowie was dying?‘I knew he wasn’t in good health for quite a long time.

‘I’m totally serious about what I do, but it’s self-indulgent to allow your moods or frustrations to dominate your family life. You have to pop out to the shops, and then you become a citizen.’The literary equivalent, perhaps, of slipping between starry David Bowie and plain old David Jones.

Sex is one of our biggest preoccupations — causing thrills, heartache and downright confusion.

But until recently, exactly what happens in the brain during sex was something of a mystery to scientists.

He’d buy your film and never release it, or let it sit for six months in a cutting room.

That bullying persona was part of his working practices as well as his leisure pursuits.

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