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Sex and the internet has since its beginning been intensively associated, sexually related content online could even be suggested as a factor that pushed the internet usage even further, that together with the increase in online pornographic sites.In her book (2006) Wendy Chun goes as far as stipulating “Cyber porn fuelled the dot-com craze “.As infants we relied on the Id for survival, seeing as we are only able to express our outmost needs, yet as we grow older the struggle of acceptability in society and our cravings intensifies.

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The only requirement is that you have a functioning webcam.The idea of suppressed desires relates to the Freudian theory of the Id, Ego and Super Ego, from S.Freud’s sexual psychoanalytical works from the nineteen-twenties titled: “Beyond the pleasure principle” followed by the “Id, Ego and Super ego”.Now I am here at the Uv A and Im just about exploring the fundamentals of my degree, so far so nice.Other than this I was born and raised in Stockholm Sweden , to Eritrean parents.

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