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But lexical-gustatory synaesthesia is a rare form of the condition and affects less than one in 100,000 people.Anthony Weiner is finally coming clean about his double life as a serial sexter – admitting that he has had online affairs with 'hundreds of women' since 2009 and knowingly engaged in at least two explicit video chats with an underage girl.Annie revealed her senses can become overloaded - such as when she tastes cement and rotten food - causing her panic attacks.'Having this condition makes me more creative and certainly makes listening to music a lot more interesting than if I was just listening to it normally,' she said.'Most people think what I have is a bit mad, and I suppose it is, but it's what's makes me different and I like that.'The 1975 - bubble bath Lana Del Rey - mango juice being poured down her throat Stormzy- moist, freshly baked, muffins The band Glass Animals - thick chlorine-tasting liquid Bongo drums - oranges, and sometimes patatas bravas Stella - rubbery cheese and tuna Oblige - sweet porridge Left - chips Glass - saliva Judge - stale bread Lotion - blackcurrant milk Michelle - cold metal Cherish - fabric shoved in her mouth Music - sweet toothpaste People - the smell of aeroplanes Ostrich - salty, warm, fluffy, tangy dust The sound of a car going over gravel - fruity Annie, from Edinburgh, also revealed that when she hears hip hop legend Stormzy perform triggers the taste of delicious freshly-baked muffins.She also tastes bubble bath when songs by the rock band The 1975 are played and rubbery cheese mixed with tuna after hearing the name 'Stella'.

In the 68-page memo, Weiner's legal team admits that in early 2016 the former congressman was exchanging thousands of messages a month with 'dozens' of women he met online, including at least 1,500 messages with one middle-aged woman over the course of just two months.

She said: 'Sometimes, when people are talking to me, I try not to wince or spit if they say certain words which taste horrible.'It's not a common word, but the colour 'puce' makes me taste rotten food, which is really disgusting.'And the word 'thrills' is like the smell of cement in my mouth, while the sound of bongo drums makes me taste oranges, or sometimes the Spanish tapas dish, patatas bravas.'Sometimes Annie's senses can become overloaded, leading to her experience mild panic attacks.

She said: 'When I started listening to music by myself, it sometimes became overwhelming.'I try not to make a big deal of it when I taste strange things, but when I do try to explain what's happening, some people think I'm exaggerating.

For example, the most common type of synesthesia, colour-graphemic, causes those with the condition to associate words and numbers with colours.

Across the world, one in every 5,000 people have synesthesia, according to Boston University.

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