Wall dating

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It is interesting to speculate what historical events and conversations they have witnessed in their long lives.

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Speculation persists about the purpose of the tower and it may have had several purposes.Kathleen Kenyon commented on the work involved in the construction of the ditch: "The labor involved in excavating this ditch out of solid rock must have been tremendous.As we have discovered nothing in the way of heavy flint picks, one can only suppose that it was carried out with stone mauls, perhaps helped by splitting with fire and water." The town of Jericho, which was about 2.5 hectares (6 acres) in size, preceded the wall by about 500 years.The magic words we like to hear from potential customers are "I have always wanted a grandfather clock" - we aim to please!Ingen informasjon fra Q500 eller Facebook blir delt mellom nettsidene uten ditt aktive samtykke.

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