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And the hilarious new clip – in which the two are seen giving each other pedicures before Affleck tweaks Kimmel’s bare chest – isn’t just a duet: It’s an all-star performance on par with “We Are the World.” When it comes to backup singers, Kimmel somehow managed to round up a who’s-who of the entertainment industry, including Don Cheadle, Ashlee Simpson, Robin Williams, Cameron Diaz, Huey Lewis, Christina Applegate, Joan Jett, Macy Gray, Benji and Joel Madden, Lance Bass, Josh Groban and Harrison Ford – who blows the new couple a kiss.Even Brad Pitt makes a cameo, albeit in a non-singing role.He plays a Fed Ex deliveryman who brings a cake of congratulations to Kimmel and Affleck.Kimmel and Affleck also stand nose to nose in the video, and all but kiss.The Expedition will begin at the Interurban Railway Museum.Tours will begin at pm and depart every 30 minutes until pm.

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So it’s also noteworthy that here we have an example of another prehistoric underground building that was clearly known to locals, for a time, but didn’t make its way on to the official archives, and helps make the point that there are likely to be so many more of these sorts of structures still to be found in Orkney.

The steep drop-off between the passage and the chamber suggests that there may well be a steep flight of stairs leading down into the chamber.

Martin Carruthers writes, “I had the opportunity to inspect the subterranean structure along-side Orkney’s county archaeologist Julie Gibson, and marvel at the beautifully accomplished stonework and architecture.

All registrations will cost : includes the hike, light refreshments, the after-party and a trolley ride back to the Interurban.

Souvenir t-shirts and other items will also be available for purchase.

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