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Chris was the first prominent, ongoing male homosexual character in the show's twenty-five-year history.He was the second ongoing homosexual character overall, following Lana Crawford's (Bridget Neval) introduction in 2004.Undisclosed delays pushed the release date to September 2010.Max attributed the poor box office performance of the film to oversights in marketing, but expressed hope it would find an audience on DVD.Jack (Andrew Mc Carthy) is an executive in a financial brokerage firm trying to impress the firms president, Drew Clayton (Chris Gillett), in hopes of a promotion. See full summary » Looking forward to a new Xmas movie. Enjoyed all until the one moment when an intelligent, grounded guy tells his grandson to give the dog back to a guy known to be abusing him, who left him out in the cold to die. No one would act like this in any way knowing this young boy had no idea what he had been asked to do. Especially one involving saving an animal as people need to learn, understand. For three years starting in 2005, Max was harassed by a man named Justin Massler, who sent him repeated "Unabomber type" emails, and showed up uninvited to a 2006 party hosted by Max while dressed up as a superhero.The altercations made national news after Massler was charged with stalking Ivanka Trump in 2010.

When the little boy, Chris, writes that he wishes to leave this world so he will no longer be a burden to his divorcing parents, a race begins to find him before he harms himself.

In January 2006, Max posted a thread on his message board satirizing Anthony Di Meo, a young Philadelphia socialite, for throwing a New Year's Eve party that was a disaster.

The number of young partygoers showing up greatly exceeded expectations, which resulted in the food and alcohol running out well before midnight.

Chris departed on 27 March 2015, but made a cameo appearance on 6 November.

Chris was a high school student who befriended the soap's other teens.

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