Who is derek huff dating

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Once people knew he was capable of dating someone and lying about it, it was easy to assume he'd doing the same with all his dancing partners. He's still friends with Elizabeth and the pair caught up over dinner in 2012.

Hough's season nine partner Krupa was also linked to Hough on reality TV blogs across the Internet, but nothing ever came of the rumors.

Matchmaker Ryan Seacrest was at in again when he was helping Chenoweth pick new guys to date and listed Derek Hough as an option.

Chenoweth agreed calling Hough “Dreamy Mc Dreamerson" and saying, “I wouldn’t dump him out of bed for eating crackers, I’m not gonna lie.” The pair never actually dated, but that would have been a pretty fun relationship.

Derek has four sisters and one of his sisters Julianne is also connected with the entertainment industry.

It is seen that Derek’s influence in dancing is come from his family as his grandparents were also dancers.

Hough's longest relationship was the one he had with this Jane by Design actress.

But after eight years together he reportedly broke up with her to start dating his DWTS season six partner Shannon Elizabeth.

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They're having fun but it's nothing serious."I can totally buy the "just friends" story because Hough seems to be friends with everyone including all his exes.Hello everyone, welcome to my documented interests and discoveries.My name is Olivia Samuel and I am living in Suriname (The Caribbean).Apparently it wasn't a big deal since the pair was "just having fun" and their dating was "nothing serious" according to a source.They even spent Christmas together at the Hough household.

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