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I had a really fun four-episode run on “24,” and that was in large part because of the first “Harold and Kumar.” I think it was Howard Gordon, who produced “24,” who’d seen the first “Harold and Kumar” movie and thought, “Why not let this guy audition for the part of this kid who takes a family hostage? I taught a college class a few years ago, I’d love to do that again. And there’s no plan, really, no idea that five years from now I’ll be doing this or that.

” Talking to him at the audition, he said, “Wouldn’t it be interesting to play against type this way? Politically, I’ve always been a registered independent. In 2007, we were down 30 points in the polls in Iowa, I went out there for what was supposed to be a weekend and ended up staying basically through the end of the general election. And the fortunate thing about TV is that if we have a chance to go nine years, every year you’ve got a two-and-a-half to three-month hiatus.

Law enforcement officials confirmed Tuesday that Penn reported the robbery shortly after it happened.

The actor, known best for the Harold and Kumar movies, reportedly gave up his wallet and other personal property.

Thankfully, there were people and advocacy groups I’ve worked with in D. about things like racial profiling, and they reached out and said, “Please have a conversation with us.” What they know about me from my years in D. was, “You’re not a guy who supports racial profiling, you should know what this is.”I think the phrase “teachable moment” might be a little overused, but it really was a teachable moment for me. After my first year, I realized that government moves a lot slower than the private sector, so a lot of the things I was working on hadn’t been finished yet.

I certainly regretted tweeting that, and it’s not what I feel. I had to leave to shoot the third “Harold and Kumar” film, so I did that, and they hadn’t found a full-time replacement for me at the White House yet. So I re-applied for my job, did it for another year, finished up, and the plan was to come back to L. But two years with one little acting break in the middle -- it was kind of funny to come back, and it’s a different side of your brain that you use for the creative stuff. You put your energy towards what you’re working on. I admittedly don’t watch a whole lot of TV, so I may be ill-equipped to answer this question.

You’ll have -- I’ll be sitting there reading the news on my phone, thinking about something else, and then jump into a scene, and I’ll see Jerry go, “Hey, Kal, relax. One of the most obvious examples is my own character, I play a man who’s been married to this beautiful woman, and I’m the one who cheats and I feel horrible about it.

Relax.” And I remember -- different part of your brain. And I have a nine-year-old daughter who I care about very much.

The material's more mature than his spin as Kumar, though not exactly staid; Penn and his three friends, living in a sort of singles' community after breakups, go out drinking and hitting on women.

We’re basically -- our senses of humor don’t evolve much after age 12. I’ve been worried about how female fans are going to respond to the humor, but we’ve been on-demand for a couple weeks now and the biggest feedback we got is “I’ve never seen a show about how dysfunctional guys are behind the scenes; this is hilarious.” All-in-all, I don’t know that I’m equipped to answer the masculinity question, but I also don’t know if our show explores it in as on-the-nose kind of a way. On Sundays, like I say, I’m sitting there watching “Sunday Morning,” then I’m talking to college friends or grabbing lunch with them. The more fun stuff that people like watching is not a chore by any means.

I think the biggest vantage point is ultimately it’s a show about friendships and relationships. I’m from New Jersey, so watching “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is like seeing my friends’ parents.

(CBS)CBS has released trailers for its new fall show, including Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar's father-daughter comedy The Crazy Ones, Dylan Mc Dermott's political thriller Hostages, and Anna Faris' sitcom Mom.

Check out the trailers below, then hit the comments with your snap judgments.

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